Former Branch Residence, Washington, DC. 

While not the focus of this website, this site recognizes the music of the 1930's. In an effort to highlight the era of Mr. Branch's earlier life, a selection of some of the songs of the day is presented.  Be it the great Billie Holiday, Artie Shaw or Red Nichols, it was music of his time.

The Claude Branch Memorial recognizes the following organizations for their research assistance:

John Hay Library, Brown University

Lauinger Library Special Collections, Georgetown University, D.C. 

National Archives, Washington D.C.

Regent University Law Library, Virginia Beach

Supreme Court Historical Society, D.C. 

United States Supreme Court, D.C. 

​​​​As his oldest grandson, our Grandfather once told me I was the son he never had. In truth, he equally celebrated all in his entire family, both immediate and distant. And he certainly was most gracious with his contemporaries, often quoting them in conversation. 


He was one of the most remarkable men I have known, most assuredly 

ahead of his time. 


Mr. Branch preferred the ideas and thoughts of others. In this vein, keep the continued comments, pictures and stories coming. Since inception in July of 2016, there is an average of over 5300 visits to this site per year. Thanks to the those who have visited the site to date, both known and unkown to Mr. Branch. He would most welcome your ongoing feedback and presence. 

Special thanks to Mr. Branch's daughter Linda, our Aunt, who has provided memorabilia and history most pertinent to this site. 

Lincoln Stephen Smith, CDR, USNR, (Ret), February 2017

Lincoln Smith, Mr. Branch's oldest Grandson, in front of the Supreme Court of the United States, 8 May 2018, subsequent to attending a lecture at the Court entitled,  "Modes of Constitutional Interpretation."

Claude Raymond Branch Memorial, Providence, Rhode Island

In front of the portrait of  former Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes, Supreme Court, DC,

8 May 2018. Mr. Branch was Special Assistant to the Chief Justice's son, Charles Evans Hughes Jr., Solicitor General of the United States. 

With Matthew C. Waxman, Liviu Librescu Professor of Law, Columbia Law School. Mr. Waxman spoke about Charles Evans Hughes and the Constitutional War Powers. Held at the Court on 17 October 2018, the lecture was one of the Leon Silverman Lecture Series for 2018, introduced by Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. 

This website is a chronicle.

The purpose of the site is twofold. First,  serve in brief highlight of the accomplishments of Claude Raymond Branch. Finally, via the contect link, this site seeks to provide a forum for legal scholars, students and interested friends to share stories or ask questions about this most remarkable man and the era during which he served.  What do you know of Mr. Branch's career and of the Progressive Era?

Mr. Branch was an American Patriot, Legendary Attorney and highly accomplished businessman. 

Whether his willingness and ability to tell a story, his legal judgement, life on the tennis court, or his tip of a hat to a passing lady, his gracious presence was larger than life. 

Be it his role as advisor to the Solicitor General, legal counsel to corporations or as a faithful alumnus to the schools he believed in, he was most steadfast. 

In walking down the street a summer afternoon near the former Branch Residence in Northwest D.C. in 2016, one might imagine Mr. Branch traveling in the morning by mototcar to the Department of Justice in 1930.

Seems time appears to have stood still on Wyoming Avenue, yet somehow the timeless work of Mr. Branch drives on. Whether in the Halls of the Supreme Court, long days in Boston, Providence or Washington, or along the beaches of Narragansett, Rhode Island, Mr. Branch is still remarkably present, over 40 years after his passing.